Skupina Chickenfoot sa znova rozhodla zaznamenať koncert, tento krát z Phoenixu, ktorý bude v stredu 23. septembra. V budúcnosti materiál môže byť použitý na vydanie dvd. Tento mesiac september skupina ukončí svoje turné po Severnej Amerike. Členovia sa rozhodli že si dajú prestávku, bubeník sa vráti k Red Hot Chili Peppers, ktorý začnú pracovať na novom materiáli.
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  1. I was talking about these to a frnied earlier tonight actually.If they’re going to record then I think this is a terrible idea. Apparently they didn’t get to choose any of the songs that went on that double disc abomination a few years ago, it was pretty much all the label, so they NEED to sort that out first, then they need to start writing some interesting music again. Clearly they’re capable when apart, Frusciante’s solo stuff and work with The Mars Volta has been fantastic, but they seem to have lost something as a band in recent records.Lots of people will be happy they’re back and that’s great, but lots of people were also happy to sit through their utterly turgid Leeds Festival performance a couple of years ago, it doesn’t mean it’s the right option. I remember leaving the main stage after about half an hour and people stopping my frnieds and I and saying, What are you doing?! It’s the Chilis! . Yes, it was the Chilis, but just because it was them, it didn’t mean it was good. Granted it was the final gig of a year long tour blah blah blah but I think they’re well past their best.They’ll need to produce something very, very special to rekindle any real appreciation from a lot of disillusioned fans after the last two albums. They’re like a funk version of Metallica. Californiacation/By The Way is their Black Album. No use flogging a dead horse. Get back together by all means, but it’s probably best to just play live and bang out the hits from now on.I hope they prove me wrong, but I very much doubt they will.

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