Po prvý krát unikla pre fanúšikov sólovej tvorby Johna Fruscianteho pesnička s názvom Here, Air, je to 13. pieseň z Johnoveho albumu The Empyrean. Na album sa nedostala, ale teraz bola vydaná prostredníctvom iTunes.

Here, Air

How can I be you, I could have been
I would like to start over again
Angels did I fail you with my fall
What are we but the cause of it all

It’s been a long time
Of getting out of myself
Now that I’m here I find
That what gives you life
Is all you are
It’s you have

Hey ya
Hey ya

How can I get just one more chance
I see you in pain and I wish I had
The ability to be your man
They once told me that time would come to pass

Now I know
To be careful
What I don’t believe

Cause that fate keeps on going
Right out of my reach
What’s good for you is good for me too
Do you hear I’m here for you now
I am here for you now

Zdroj: http://www.invisible-movement.net/2010/03/here-air-itunes-usa