Chili Peppers na 3. mieste v TOP 500 hitov!

79385[1]KROQ zostavil rebríček 500 najlepších hitov všetkých čias. Skladba Under the Bridge od Red Hot Chili Peppers sa dostala na výborné 3. miesto, v rebríčku sa nachádzajú ďalšie skladby od kapely napríklad na 18. mieste sa umiestnila skladba Scar Tissue, 33. miesto patrí Soul to Squeeze, 54. priečka Tell me Baby.

500 Biggest KROQ Songs Of All Time

1 Smells Like Teen Spirit (90’s) Nirvana
2 What I Got (90’s) Sublime
3 Under the Bridge (90’s) RHCP
4 Killing in the Name (90’s) Rage Against the Machine
5 Seven Nation Army (2000’s) The White Stripes
6 Everlong (90’s) Foo Fighters
7 In the End (2000’s) Linkin Park
8 Creep (90’s) Radiohead
9 Brain Stew/Jaded (2000’s) Green Day
10 Enjoy the Silence (90’s) Depeche Mode
11 Self Esteem (90’s) The Offspring
12 How Soon is Now (80’s) The Smiths
13 Come As You Are (90’s) Nirvana
14 Somebody Told Me (2000’s) The Killers
15 Santeria (90’s) Sublime
16 Today (90’s) The Smashing Pumpkins
17 Love Song (80’s) The Cure
18 Scar Tissue (90’s) RHCP
19 Fight For Your Right to Party (80’s) Beastie Boys
20 Alive (90’s) Pearl Jam
21 What I’ve Done (2000’s) Linkin Park
22 Viva La Vida (2000’s) Coldplay
23 Basketcase (90’s) Green Day
24 The Pretender (2000’s) Foo Fighters
25 Wrong Way (90’s) Sublime
26 Personal Jesus (80’s) Depeche Mode
27 Lithium (90’s) Nirvana
28 Say It Ain’t So (90’s) Weezer
29 Kids (2000’s) MGMT
30 Enter Sandman (90’s) Metallica
31 Uprising (2000’s) Muse
32 Come Out and Play (90’s) The Offspring
33 Soul to Squeeze (90’s) RHCP
34 Mr. Brightside (2000’s) The Killers
35 Anything Anything (80’s) Dramarama
36 Plush (90’s) Stone Temple Pilots
37 Just A Girl (90’s) No Doubt
38 1979 The Smashing Pumpkins
39 I Wanna Be Sedated (70’s) The Ramones
40 Closer (90’s) Nine Inch Nails
41 Dammit (90’s) Blink 182
42 Jammin (70’s) Bob Marley
43 Best of You (2000’s) Foo Fighters
44 When I Come Around (90’s) Green Day
45 Blister in the Sun (80’s) Violent Femmes
46 Even Flow (90’s) Pearl Jam
47 The Middle (2000’s) Jimmy Eat World
48 Loser (90’s) Beck
49 Disarm The Smashing Pumpkins
50 Bad Fish (90’s) Sublime
51 Chop Suey (2000’s) System of a Down
52 All My Life Foo Fighters
53 Buddy Holly (90’s) Weezer
54 Tell Me Baby RHCP
55 People Are People (80’s) Depeche Mode
56 Wonderwall (90’s) Oasis
57 In Bloom (90’s) Nirvana
58 No Woman No Cry (70’s) Bob Marley
59 Pardon Me (90’s) Incubus
60 Don’t Speak No Doubt
61 Sex on Fire (2000’s) Kings of Leon
62 What’s My Age Again? (90’s) Blink 182
63 Longview (90’s) Green Day
64 Feel Good Inc (2000’s) Gorillaz
65 Man in the Box (90’s) Alice in Chains
66 Date Rape (90’s) Sublime
67 Been Caught Stealing Jane’s Addiction
68 The Unforgiven (90’s) Metallica
69 Brass Monkey (80’s) Beastie Boys
70 You’re Gonna Go Far Kid (2000’s) The Offspring
71 Starlight (2000’s) Muse
72 Can’t Stop (2000’s) RHCP
73 April 29th, 1992 (90’s) Sublime
74 Welcome to The Black Parade My Chemical Romance
75 Black Hole Sun (90’s) Soundgarden
76 All the Small Things Blink 182
77 Are You Gonna Be My Girl? (2000’s) Jet
78 Radioactive (2010’s) Imagine Dragons
79 Good Riddance (Time of Your Life) Green Day
80 Blue Monday (80’s) New Order
81 Bullet With Butterfly Wings (90’s) The Smashing Pumpkins
82 Little Lion Man (2000’s) Mumford & Sons
83 Faint (2000’s) Linkin Park
84 Smooth Criminal (2000’s) Alien Ant Farm
85 Little Talks Of Monsters and Men
86 Glycerine (90’s) Bush
87 Ain’t No Rest For the Wicked (2000’s) Cage the Elephant
88 Undone (The Sweater Song) (90’s) Weezer
89 Just Like Heaven The Cure
90 Jeremy (90’s) Pearl Jam
91 Sweetness (2000’s) Jimmy Eat World
92 Semi Charmed Life (90’s) Third Eye Blind
93 Panic Switch (2000’s) Silversun Pickups
94 Rock the Casbah (80’s) The Clash
95 Bulls on Parade (90’s) Rage Against the Machine
96 Welcome to Paradise (90’s) Green Day
97 Use Somebody (2000’s) Kings of Leon
98 Drive (90’s) Incubus
99 Electric Feel (2000’s) MGMT
100 Ball and Chain (90’s) Social Distortion
101 Down (90’s) 311
102 Give it Away (90’s) RHCP
103 Lay Me Down (2010’s) The Dirty Heads
104 Kryptonite 3 Doors Down
105 Pumped Up Kicks (2010’s) Foster the People
106 Smoke Two Joints (90’s) Sublime
107 Mountain Sound Of Monsters and Men
108 Comedown (90’s) Bush
109 One U2
110 Numb (2000’s) Linkin Park
111 Float On Modest Mouse
112 Better Man (90’s) Pearl Jam
113 Sweater Weather (2010’s) The Neighbourhood
114 Heart Shaped Box (90’s) Nirvana
115 Dead Man’s Party (80’s) Oingo Boingo
116 Interstate Love Song (90’s) Stone Temple Pilots
117 It’s My Life No Doubt
118 Do I Wanna Know (2010’s) Arctic Monkeys
119 The Kids Aren’t Alright (90’s) The Offspring
120 Sweet Child ‘O Mine (80’s) Guns N’ Roses
121 Song 2 (90’s) Blur
122 Ho Hey (2010’s) The Lumineers
123 Love Song 311
124 Flagpole Sitta (90’s) Harvey Danger
125 Dani California (2000’s) RHCP
126 Pictures of You (80’s) The Cure
127 Spiderwebs (90’s) No Doubt
128 Sorrow (2000’s) Bad Religion
129 Shake Me Down (2010’s) Cage the Elephant
130 Nothing Else Matters (90’s) Metallica
131 No Rain (90’s) Blind Melon
132 Lonely Boy (2010’s) The Black Keys
133 We Are Young Fun
134 Story of My Life (90’s) Social Distortion
135 Madness (2010’s) Muse
136 Sabotage (90’s) Beastie Boys
137 Pompeii (2010’s) Bastille
138 Renegades of Funk (2000’s) Rage Against the Machine
139 Dreams The Cranberries
140 Snow (2000’s) RHCP
141 I Will Wait Mumford & Sons
142 Wish You Were Here (2000’s) Incubus
143 Bring Me to Life Evanescence
144 Sunday Bloody Sunday (80’s) U2
145 One Step Closer (2000’s) Linkin Park
146 The Distance (90’s) Cake
147 Toxicity (2000’s) System of a Down
148 Clocks Coldplay
149 It’s Time (2010’s) Imagine Dragons
150 All Apologies (90’s) Nirvana
151 Take Me Out  (2000’s) Franz Ferdinand
152 Sunday Morning (90’s) No Doubt
153 Like a Stone (2000’s) Audioslave
154 Ready to Fall (2000’s) Rise Against
155 Black Pearl Jam
156 Get Lucky Daft Punk
157 Buffalo Soldier (80’s) Bob Marley
158 Island in the Sun (2000’s) Weezer
159 Come A Little Closer (2010’s) Cage the Elephant
160 Jumper (90’s) Third Eye Blind
161 Machinehead (90’s) Bush
162 Dog Days Are Over (2000’s) Florence + the Machine
163 Beautiful Disaster (90’s) 311
164 My Hero (90’s) Foo Fighters
165 Little Black Submarines (2010’s) The Black Keys
166 Alien (90’s) Pennywise
167 Lightning Crashes (90’s) Live
168 Knights of Cydonia Muse
169 Blitzkrieg Bop (70’s) The Ramones
170 Fix You Coldplay
171 What It’s Like (90’s) Everlast
172 Savior (2000’s) Rise Against
173 Love Hurts (2000’s) Incubus
174 Sail Awolnation
175 Sex and Candy (90’s) Marcy Playground
176 Howlin For You (2010’s) The Black Keys
177 No One Knows (2000’s) Queens of the Stone Age
178 Resistance (2000’s) Muse
179 Bittersweet Symphony (90’s) The Verve
180 Fell on Black Days (90’s) Soundgarden
181 Boyz N The Hood (90’s) Dynamite Hack
182 Rock Superstar (2000’s) Cypress Hill
183 The Adventures of Rain Dance Maggie (2010’s) RHCP
184 Hash Pipe (2000’s) Weezer
185 Tongue Tied Grouplove
186 Dumb (90’s) Nirvana
187 Three Little Birds (70’s) Bob Marley
188 I Miss You Blink 182
189 Champagne Supernova (90’s) Oasis
190 Gold on the Ceiling (2010’s) The Black Keys
191 Bound For the Floor (90’s) Local H
192 Intergalactic (90’s) Beastie Boys
193 Elderly Woman Behind… Pearl Jam
194 Welcome to the Jungle Guns N’ Roses
195 I Write Sins Not Tragedies (2000’s) Panic! At the Disco
196 Zombie The Cranberries
197 Should I Stay or Should I Go (80’s) The Clash
198 All Mixed Up (90’s) 311
199 Demons Imagine Dragons
200 Last Resort (2000’s) Papa Roach
201 Such Great Heights (2000’s) The Postal Service
202 Bleed It Out (2000’s) Linkin Park
203 Strangelove (80’s) Depeche Mode
204 Josie Blink 182
205 Doin Time (90’s) Sublime
206 Sober (90’s) Tool
207 My Own Worst Enemy (90’s) Lit
208 Safe and Sound Capital Cities
209 Losing My Religion REM
210 Rape Me (90’s) Nirvana
211 Time Bomb (90’s) Rancid
212 Midnight City M83
213 I Alone Live
214 Last Nite (2000’s) The Strokes
215 Infected (90’s) Bad Religion
216 When You Were Young (2000’s) The Killers
217 Hurt  (2000’s) Johnny Cash
218 Tighten Up The Black Keys
219 Fell In Love With a Girl (2000’s) The White Stripes
220 Guerilla Radio (90’s) Rage Against the Machine
221 1901 Phoenix
222 Daughter (90’s) Pearl Jam
223 Gotta Get Away (90’s) The Offspring
224 Believe (2000’s) The Bravery
225 Are You Gonna Go My Way Lenny Kravitz
226 Learn to Fly (90’s) Foo Fighters
227 Anna Sun Walk The Moon
228 Crawling (2000’s) Linkin Park
229 Only Happy When it Rains (90’s) Garbage
230 Time is Running Out Muse
231 It’s Been Awhile (2000’s) Staind
232 Lose Yourself (2000’s) Eminem
233 Boulevard of Broken Dreams (2000’s) Green Day
234 Aerials (2000’s) System of a Down
235 Kiss Off (80’s) Violent Femmes
236 Sugar We’re Goin Down Fall Out Boy
237 With Or Without You (80’s) U2
238 The Cave Mumford & Sons
239 Insane in the Brain (90’s) Cypress Hill
240 The Boys of Summer (2000’s) The Ataris
241 Big Empty (90’s) Stone Temple Pilots
242 Bad Habit (90’s) The Offspring
243 Supermassive Black Hole Muse
244 Helena My Chemical Romance
245 Maps (2000’s) The Yeah Yeah Yeahs
246 Yellow Ledbetter (90’s) Pearl Jam
247 The Kill (2000’s) Thirty Seconds to Mars
248 A Sky Full of Stars (2010’s) Coldplay
249 Sleep Now in the Fire (90’s) Rage Against the Machine
250 Where It’s At (90’s) Beck
251 Icky Thump (2000’s) The White Stripes
252 Caress Me Down Sublime
253 Rooster (90’s) Alice in Chains
254 F Authority Pennywise
255 Just Can’t Get Enough (80’s) Depeche Mode
256 Blurry (2000’s) Puddle of Mudd
257 Young Blood The Naked and The Famous
258 People Are Strange (2000’s) Echo and the Bunnymen
259 Crazy (2000’s) Gnarls Barkley
260 Monkeywrench (90’s) Foo Fighters
261 Soul Meets Body (90’s) Death Cab For Cutie
262 Got the Life (90’s) Korn
263 Bathwater No Doubt
264 Don’t Stop (2010’s) Foster the People
265 Cherub Rock (90’s) The Smashing Pumpkins
266 Shut Up and Dance Walk The Moon
267 Yellow (2000’s) Coldplay
268 Unbelievers Vampire Weekend
269 Mrs. Robinson The Lemonheads
270 Spoonman (90’s) Soundgarden
271 Boys Don’t Cry The Cure
272 Stupid Girl Garbage
273 Jane Says (80’s) Jane’s Addiction
274 Some Nights (2010’s) Fun.
275 Corduroy Pearl Jam
276 All These Things That I’ve Done (2000’s) The Killers
277 Hurt (90’s) Nine Inch Nails
278 Lisztomania Phoenix
279 American Idiot (2000’s) Green Day
280 One Love (70’s) Bob Marley
281 Karma Police (90’s) Radiohead
282 Dashboard (2000’s) Modest Mouse
283 Tonight Tonight (90’s) The Smashing Pumpkins
284 Prayer of the Refugee (2000’s) Rise Against
285 Lake of Fire (90’s) Nirvana
286 Never There (90’s) Cake
287 She (90’s) Green Day
288 The One I Love (80’s) REM
289 All I Want The Offspring
290 Paradise Coldplay
291 Otherside (90’s) RHCP
292 Devil’s Haircut (90’s) Beck
293 Undisclosed Desires Muse
294 Stinkfist Tool
295 Trojans Atlas Genius
296 Read My Mind (2000’s) The Killers
297 Somebody That I Used to Know Gotye
298 Head Like a Hole (90’s) Nine Inch Nails
299 Adam’s Song (90’s) Blink 182
300 B.Y.O.B. System of a Down
301 Everybody Talks (2010’s) Neon Trees
302 Vaseline (90’s) Stone Temple Pilots
303 Girls (80’s) Beastie Boys
304 Lazy Eye (2000’s) Silversun Pickups
305 How’s It Going to Be Third Eye Blind
306 Cold Hard Bitch (2000’s) Jet
307 Holiday (2000’s) Green Day
308 Out of My League Fitz and the Tantrums
309 Stellar (90’s) Incubus
310 Time to Pretend ( 2000’s) MGMT
311 You Oughtta Know Alanis Morissette
312 Mysterious Ways (90’s) U2
313 Wake Me Up Avicii
314 #1 Crush Garbage
315 Zero (90’s) The Smashing Pumpkins
316 Sweet Disposition (2000’s) The Temper Trap
317 Everything Zen (90’s) Bush
318 The Rockafeller Skank (90’s) Fatboy Slim
319 I’m Not Okay My Chemical Romance
320 I Will Follow You Into the Dark (2000’s) Death Cab For Cutie
321 My Songs Know What You Did in the Dark Fall Out Boy
322 The Man Who Sold the World (90’s) Nirvana
323 Elephant (2010’s) Tame Impala
324 The Scientist (2000’s) Coldplay
325 Father of Mine (90’s) Everclear
326 Parallel Universe (2000’s) RHCP
327 Add it Up (80’s) Violent Femmes
328 Alive (2000’s) P.O.D.
329 Steady As She Goes (2000’s) The Raconteurs
330 Sure Shot (90’s) Beastie Boys
331 Perfect Situation (2000’s) Weezer
332 Ex Girlfriend No Doubt
333 Testify (90’s) Rage Against the Machine
334 Walk (2010’s) Foo Fighters
335 Royals Lorde
336 Would? (90’s) Alice in Chains
337 Wicked Garden (90’s) Stone Temple Pilots
338 If You’re Wondering If I Want… Weezer
339 The Good Left Undone (2000’s) Rise Against
340 Someday (2000’s) The Strokes
341 Bad Luck (90’s) Social Distortion
342 Close to Me (80’s) The Cure
343 Graduate Third Eye Blind
344 Helena Beat Foster the People
345 Landslide (2000’s) The Smashing Pumpkins
346 Special Garbage
347 Sugar System of a Down
348 The New Pollution (90’s) Beck
349 M&M’s (90’s) Blink 182
350 Numb/Encore (2000’s) Linkin Park/Jay Z
351 Afraid The Neighbourhood
352 Around the World (90’s) RHCP
353 2am (2010’s) Slightly Stoopid
354 Prisoner of Society (90’s) The Living End
355 Pretty Fly (For a White Guy) (90’s) The Offspring
356 Cannonball (90’s) The Breeders
357 Polly (90’s) Nirvana
358 A Praise Chorus Jimmy Eat World
359 Creep Stone Temple Pilots
360 Could You Be Loved (80’s) Bob Marley
361 Miss Murder (2000’s) AFI
362 Jump Around (90’s) House of Pain
363 All Over You Live
364 A-Punk (2000’s) Vampire Weekend
365 Anna Molly Incubus
366 Praise You (90’s) Fatboy Slim
367 Times Like These (2000’s) Foo Fighters
368 Where the Streets Have No Name (80’s) U2
369 People of the Sun (90’s) Rage Against the Machine
370 Amber (2000’s) 311
371 Take Me to Church Hozier
372 Jenny Was a Friend of Mine (2000’s) The Killers
373 By the Way (2000’s) RHCP
374 Animal (2010’s) Neon Trees
375 Wake Up Arcade Fire
376 Policy of Truth (90’s) Depeche Mode
377 Freak on a Leash (90’s) Korn
378 Riptide Vance Joy
379 Sex Type Thing (90’s) Stone Temple Pilots
380 Fade Into You Mazzy Star
381 No Sleep Til Brooklyn (80’s) Beastie Boys
382 Roll Away Your Stone Mumford & Sons
383 The Red Chevelle
384 Clint Eastwood (2000’s) Gorillaz
385 Beverly Hills (2000’s) Weezer
386 Outside Staind
387 Pain Jimmy Eat World
388 Friday I’m in Love (90’s) The Cure
389 Disconnected Face to Face
390 Young Folks (2000’s) Peter Bjorn and John
391 Paradise City (80’s) Guns N’ Roses
392 Smile Like You Mean It The Killers
393 Love Rollercoaster RHCP
394 Woman (2000’s) Wolfmother
395 Inside Out (90’s) Eve 6
396 Gone Away The Offspring
397 New Slang The Shins
398 New Divide Linkin Park
399 King Without a Crown (2000’s) Matisyahu
400 Epic (90’s) Faith No More
401 Move Along All American Rejects
402 Dancing Days Stone Temple Pilots
403 So What’cha Want (90’s) Beastie Boys
404 Low (90’s) Cracker
405 Bro Hymn Tribute (90’s) Pennywise
406 Mr. Jones Counting Crows
407 Misery Business (2000’s) Paramore
408 Dead Leaves and the Dirty Ground (2000’s) The White Stripes
409 More Human Than Human White Zombie
410 I Will Buy You a New Life (90’s) Everclear
411 The Rock Show (2000’s) Blink 182
412 Schism Tool
413 Short Skirt Long Jacket (2000’s) Cake
414 Californication (90’s) RHCP
415 Flake Jack Johnson
416 Dance, Dance (2000’s) Fall Out Boy
417 Excuse Me Mr. No Doubt
418 Beautiful Day U2
419 Youth of the Nation P.O.D.
420 Hey Jealousy Gin Blossoms
421 Chasing Cars (2000’s) Snow Patrol
422 I’ll Stick Around (90’s) Foo Fighters
423 Take a Walk (2010’s) Passion Pit
424 Unbelievable EMF
425 The Sound of Winter (2010’s) Bush
426 Your Woman (90’s) White Town
427 Last Kiss (90’s) Pearl Jam
428 The Impression I Get (90’s) Mighty Mighty Bosstones
429 Somewhere I Belong (2000’s) Linkin Park
430 Right Here Right Now Jesus Jones
431 Fat Lip (2000’s) Sum 41
432 You Get What You Give (90’s) New Radicals
433 Sweet Jane Cowboy Junkies
434 First Date Blink 182
435 Santa Monica (90’s) Everclear
436 Southside (2000’s) Moby
437 Nookie Limp Bizkit
438 Stir It Up (70’s) Bob Marley
439 Speed of Sound (2000’s) Coldplay
440 Little Things Bush
441 Paul Revere (80’s) Beastie Boys
442 Burn It Down Linkin Park
443 Standing Outside a Broken Phone Booth (90’s) Primitive Radio Gods
444 Hunger Strike Temple of the Dog
445 Centuries Fall Out Boy
446 Ring of Fire (80’s) Social Distortion
447 Wake Me Up When September Ends (2000’s) Green Day
448 Dragula Rob Zombie
449 Somewhere Only We Know Keane
450 Detachable Penis King Missile
451 Good Better Than Ezra
452 Human The Killers
453 Celebrity Skin Hole
454 Budapest George Ezra
455 Verse Chorus Verse Nirvana
456 6 Underground Sneaker Pimps
457 Suck My Kiss RHCP
458 All I Want Is You U2
459 Eye The Smashing Pumpkins
460 Da Funk Daft Punk
461 Lump Presidents of the USA
462 Shake It Out Florence + the Machine
463 Plowed Sponge
464 Pork and Beans Weezer
465 Everybody Wants to Rule the World Tears For Fears
466 Trippin On a Hole… Stone Temple Pilots
467 Round Here Counting Crows
468 London Calling The Clash
469 Jack Ass Beck
470 I Was Wrong Social Distortion
471 Selling the Drama Live
472 Megalomaniac Incubus
473 Bubble Toes Jack Johnson
474 Ruby Soho Rancid
475 Bad Blood Bastille
476 Blasphemous Rumors Depeche Mode
477 Possum Kingdom Toadies
478 It’s the End of the World As We Know It REM
479 Decode Paramore
480 Sin Nine Inch Nails
481 Dirty Paws Of Monsters and Men
482 White Wedding Billy Idol
483 An Honest Mistake The Bravery
484 Hysteria Muse
485 My Sweet Summer The Dirty Heads
486 Never Too Late Three Days Grace
487 Bizarre Love Triangle New Order
488 High and Dry Radiohead
489 Spiders System of a Down
490 The Walker Fitz and the Tantrums
491 Everything to Everyone Everclear
492 Girls and Boys Blur
493 Girls Not Grey AFI
494 Bigmouth Strikes Again The Smiths
495 Doll Parts Hole
496 Thunder Kiss 65 White Zombie
497 Home Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros
498 21st Century Digital Boy Bad Religion
499 Smack My Bitch Up Prodigy
500 Burning Down the House Talking Heads